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Korg ARP 2600 M

Korg ARP 2600 M  ·  Source: Korg

We knew it! Korg has announced a smaller version of their ARP 2600 reissue that brings the iconic sound and look in a more convenient size and achievable price tag.


ARP 2600 M

Last year, photos released accidentally by Guitar Center around the release of the ARP 2600 FS seemed to show a smaller version of the synth. Korg said at the time that they were simply concept photos and there were no plans for a smaller version. However, the fact that the ARP 2600 FS had the letters “FS” for “full-sized” at the end suggested that there were plans for a less than full-sized version like they did with the ARP Odyssey reissue. Then there was a hint of a smaller 2600 in the press photos for the SQ-64 Sequencer. However we got here what’s important is that all of us who couldn’t reach the aspiration of Korg’s authentic ARP 2600 FS reissue now have something more attainable to aim for. Enter the ARP 2600 M!

Korg ARP 2600 FS and M

Korg ARP 2600 FS and M

The new version integrates the same analogue circuitry of the bigger one and comes in at 60% of the original making it lighter and more portable although they’ve left the handle off the top for some reason. Oh, they’re including a dedicated carry case that looks like something you’d trundle through an airport (I like the optimism) that also has enough space for a few extras.

One question would be one of the keyboard. The FS version comes with the 3620 keyboard which brings some additional functionality in terms of an extra LFO and the arpeggiator/sequencer section. Although the Guitar Center pictures seem to suggest a dedicated keyboard but the webpage images all point to using some other keyboard controller and neglect to mention it.

Korg ARP 2600 M

Korg ARP 2600 M

The price is reported to be €1,799 and it should be available by the summer. It’s still twice the price of the Behringer 2600 but there’s no mistaking the classic look and vibe that the ARP 2600 M is giving off. Most impressive.

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2 responses to “NAMM 2021: The new Korg ARP 2600 M is compact, cool and classy”

  1. Steve says:

    Great work by Korg! Especially if this is going to be an ongoing product, not just a limited edition like the FS. I have the FS version but would love one of these too! I’d better start saving again…

  2. MalMoe says:

    What keyboard is that in the picture of the 2600M?

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