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Thorpy FX Field Marshal & Bunker

Thorpy FX Field Marshal & Bunker  ·  Source: Thorpy FX

Two new ThorpyFX pedals, the Field Marshal and the Bunker, are launching at Winter NAMM. Both are based on the classic Dan Coggins Lovetone models from more than 20 years ago.

Lovetone Reinvented

This year, Adrian Thorpe’s ThorpyFX is launching two new pedals: the Field Marshal, which is a modern recreation of the Lovetone Big Cheese, a classic and sought after gated-fuzz from the ’90s; and the Bunker, which is an interpretation of the much-loved Lovetone Brown Source overdrive pedal, also from the ’90s.

Thorpy FX does Lovetone

Thorpy FX does Lovetone

Field Marshal

The three knobs labelled Volume, Fuzz and Tone, do exactly what you would expect on a fuzz pedal, so no problems there.

The three-way toggle switch lets you choose between Gated, Slight Mid Push and Big Mid Push fuzz settings. The Cheese footswitch acts like a solo boost by bypassing the tone stack, and can be further fine-tuned by the Balance knob immediately above it.


Thorpy FX Field Marshal & Bunker recreate two classic Lovetone pedals for 2020

Thorpy FX Field Marshal & Bunker recreate two classic Lovetone pedals for 2020


Inspired by the Lovetone Brown Source, the new Bunker is an ‘inter-modulation distortion’ pedal that can give you complex harmonics, or just drive itself into insanity with a feedback frenzy. It is a Marshall-type overdrive at its core, but far more complicated than a regular overdrive pedal.

The Bunker comes with four knobs controlling Volume, Gain, Tone and Texture, and a two-position Mode toggle switch.

It offers smooth drive all the way through to high-gain dirt via the feedback circuit, which adds more harmonic overtones. The Bunker also features a secondary footswitch to trigger the tone stack bypass.


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