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Rainger FX Mini Bar Overdrive pedal at NAMM 2020

Rainger FX Mini Bar Overdrive pedal at NAMM 2020  ·  Source: Twitter/TokyoPedalSummit


The new Rainger FX Mini Bar is a liquid analyser/overdrive pedal and might possibly be one of the strangest effect pedals at this year’s Winter NAMM.


A liquid analysing overdrive?

The UK made Rainger FX Mini Bar makes its drive tones like no other effect pedal that I know of. You put some liquid into the little plastic container on its top and it makes a unique overdrive tone based on what you have put in!

RaingerFX Mini Bar

RaingerFX Mini Bar


Depending on whether you put a Long Island Ice Tea or a Mojito in, the Mini Bar will react in different ways. There is even a green analysing LED on the front to tell you when the overdrive is engaged. The effect is controlled using a single, orange coloured Volume knob.


Liquid Overdrive tone?

I haven’t heard it in action yet, but I understand that it uses the conductivity of the guitar’s AC signal to decide the amount of gain, and the opacity of the liquid decides the amount of treble and bass. The Minibar then creates ‘band-pass’ tones.

If you like random, and enjoy a cocktail, this is the overdrive pedal for you. Of course, you don’t need to use an alcoholic beverage, any liquid will do (within reason).

RRP – GBP 119

Rainger FX  NAMM booth #3645, Hall D

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Rainger FX Mini Bar Overdrive pedal at NAMM 2020

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