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ZOIA Euroburo

ZOIA Euroburo  ·  Source: Empress Effects

ZOIA is one of the coolest and hottest products of last year. It’s a modular synthesizer crammed into a pedal where you can build your own effects, synths, control devices and more. And then you sequence the heck out of it and run all sorts of things through it. At NAMM they are revealing the ZOIA Euroburo Eurorack module version – this will be extraordinary.


ZOIA Euroburo

It has the same 8×5 grid of colourful buttons and other interface features but now you’ve got 4 lotts of CV in and 4 lots of CV out. The are assignable to be from or to anything you like. It also has MIDI in/out so it will play nice with your other hardware synths and stuff. Audio in/out is in stereo and it also has a headphone socket. That’s unusual for a Eurorack module but this thing can also be run standalone as a desktop synth, modular, machine thingy in an optional little case.

You could create massive effect chains to run your modular through, or treat it as an incredibly versatile sound source. You can patch up 15 LFOs and mix them to the four outputs. You can design and build your own CV processing. It has a growing library of over 80 modules with 20 effects and dozens of CV and audio processors. The device can save up to 64 patches for instant recall.

It’s an amazing box all by itself and you can only imagine what might happen once it’s married to a large and wandering Eurorack system.

Looking forward to seeing the demos from the show.


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