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Vintage Synth Lab VCO-2 and D-Env

Vintage Synth Lab VCO-2 and D-Env  ·  Source: Analogue Zone


A new delayed envelope from Vintage Synth Lab and a preview of the forthcoming VCO-2 based on the CEM3340 Curtis chip.



The Curtis CEM3340 was the VCO chip found in many classic synthesizers such as the SH-101, Oberheim OB-Xa, Prophet 5, MemoryMoog and many more. A new batch has recently been produced and so these legendary chips are starting to turn up in stuff. The Vintage Synth Lab VCO-2 wears it proudly on its sleeve.

The VCO-2 is a twin oscillator module. Cross modulation is completely possible, with one being the LFO or modulator of the other. You can use them as one big oscillator, separate oscillators or as cross modulated and cross synced oscillators. That’s a lot of versatility in one module, although it’s a very wide module being the size of two separate oscillators with their own controls.

It has a lot of hard and soft sync features that many synths based on the CEM3340 didn’t have. It has both positive and negative hard sync and two very different soft sync modes.

Vintage Synth Labs VCO-2

Vintage Synth Labs VCO-2 · Source: ControlVoltage

The VCO-2 should be available later in the year.



The D-Env is a delayed envelope generator. This means it has a Delay and Hold control that affects the timing of the gates. So once triggered you can delay the envelope for up to a second. This can be used to create space or delay drum beats or for produced spacial dimensions. The D-Env will be out in February for $225.

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Vintage Synth Lab VCO-2 and D-Env

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One response to “NAMM 2018: Vintage Synth Lab CEM3340 VCO-2 and D-Env”

    Eric says:

    In case anyone is interested, we plan to make some changes to the VCO-2 before releasing it into production later this year. We are looking into replacing the LIN FM with Thru-Zero FM and adding a VCA for TZFM as well. So the UI arrangement will certainly change, but we will not remove any of the other features, such as sync modes, etc.

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