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Squier Contemporary Series 2018

Squier Contemporary Series 2018  ·  Source: Squier

Fender is today announcing new their brand new Squier Contemporary Series for 2018, with some cool new classic Stratocaster and Telecaster variants with a modern styling. Some of these instruments include components like a Floyd Rose, HH pickups and even active pick-ups as well…

Squier Contemporary Series

With essentially seven new models to choose from, including left-handed options, there is something for everyone in this new Contemporary Series and since Squier guitars offer some great value for money, it is cool to see these new ‘modern’ models added to the company’s lineup this year.

Contemporary Active Stratocaster HH

This very modern styled Stratocaster comes in either Olympic White or Flat Black finishes and has a cool reverse headstock, Floyd Rose locking trem system and comes loaded with a set of Squier active humbuckers. The guitar has a Slin C profile neck and looks like it is aimed at those that want to rock out on a budget.

RRP – USD 399

Contemporary Stratocaster HH

Dual ceramic zebra humbuckers power this slightly more traditional Stratocaster variant and this time it forgoes the Floyd for a more classic two post, six saddle trem system. With a 12″ fretboard radius it should play easily enough and still get you your classic rock tones, even without the active pickup system.

Available in Pearl White, Dark Metallic Red and Black Metallic all with matching headstocks.

RRP – USD 349 also available in left-handed versions, but only in Metallic Black (boo!) 

Contemporary Stratocaster HH - Dark Metallic Red

Contemporary Stratocaster HH – Dark Metallic Red

Contemporary Stratocaster HSS

A Stratocaster with a ceramic pickup HSS layout and again with a zebra coloured bridge humbucker, just two matching single coils this time. With a 12″ fretboard radius and jumbo frets it will be popular with shredders on a budget!

No left-handed versions though unfortunately.

Available in Pearl White, Ocean Blue and Black Metallic

RRP – USD 349

Contemporary Stratocaster HSS - Ocean Blue Metallic

Contemporary Stratocaster HSS – Ocean Blue Metallic

Contemporary Telecaster HH

A single lone and solitary Contemporary Telecaster HH is also available this year, but it does also come in a left-handed version (hooray!) and so we’ll let Squier off this time.

This one has a modern Tele six-saddle bridge and dual ceramic humbuckers, with a traditional Telecaster control layout. It comes with a 12″ radius slim C-profile neck and can be ordered in either Pearl White, Dark Metallic Red and Black Metallic all with matching headstocks, unless you are left-handed, as you can only get it in Dark Metallic Red… WTF Squier?

RRP – USD 349

Contemporary Telecaster HH LH - Dark Metallic Red

Contemporary Telecaster HH LH – Dark Metallic Red

Modern missed opportunities

So a few cool new models, pity they stiffed all the left-handed players in my opinion, as the lack of colour choices is a bit of a kick in the teeth. I do like the price points and the addition of a nice active, Floyd equipped Stratocaster is welcome. I would have liked to see a more modern Telecaster as well though if I am honest. Overall though, some cool new guitars for 2018.

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  1. Cupax says:

    Ohhhh… why did they opt for a reversed head?!? I find then completely redundant. They ruined otherwise a beautiful guitar. I was looking forward for a Squier with Floyd Rose…. I’ll still keep waiting…

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