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VIP from InMusic is a very handy piece of software that provides access to your VST Instrument library from your MIDI keyboard. It catalogues all your software synths and then maps sound selection, patching and parameters to your keyboard’s controls, allowing you to control your whole library of sounds without looking at the computer. But more than that it allows you to combine patches and instruments to create complete “multi” programs and lets you search, tag and categorise your sounds. And once you’ve chosen your sound, VIP then auto-maps various parameters to your keyboard’s controls. It makes the whole business of finding sounds and performing with computer-based instruments so much easier.


Version 2 then builds on this idea by bringing effects into the mix. Each Multi now comes with an Effects Stack comprising of 4 inserts and 4 sends. So, you can now build up sounds with your favourite effects and save the whole setup for easy recall. Just to summarise, in the version 2 Multi you can have up to 8 separate VST instruments combined as a single playable sound with up to 4 VST effects, all instantly recallable from your keyboard – that’s a very handy piece of software.


Of course, there’s more. If your keyboard is VIP equipped then it can benefit from customisable mapping and, if it has a screen, a display of the mapped parameters. For instance, the new Alesis VX49, Akai Advance and M-Audio CTRL49 all support VIP and are able to display parameters on their integrated screens. VIP support is becoming more widespread so you can expect to see more of it around, particularly with InMusic’s own brands of Alesis, Akai and M-Audio, whose products include the software.

The way the software is talked about and the press releases I’ve seen reprinted on other news sites all suggest that VIP is available as a stand-alone product that could run with any keyboard, and yet I can’t find it as a product or any pricing anywhere. Maybe it’s purely for enabled keyboards – if i find out I’ll let you know!

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