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TV Jones Hybrid Telecaster pickup De Armond Magnets Wire USA NAMM Show 2016

No name as yet New TV Jones Telecaster pickups!  ·  Source:

TV Jones just created a new hybrid Telecaster pickup set using USA-made DeArmond magnets and wire. The pickups were ‘knocked up’ a few days before the show by Tom Jones and he just demo’d the one set in existence to Premier Guitar.

They plan on releasing these in a few days and say they should be between $125 and $140 per pickup. There is even a video on the TV Jones webpage demoing them to Premier Guitar. I hadn’t even heard about the pickups, but visited the TV Jones site to look up some pickups for one of my guitars (I have a TV Jones Classic in one of my ‘Telemasters’ which I really like and am planning to build another one) – and there was the announcement!

The site currently just shows the NAMM impromptu demo and a non-working link with a photo of a metallic blue Telecaster loaded with the new design. The demo is pretty sweet and so this could be a nice alternative for all the Tele players out there. The DeArmond magnets and wire do add something really nice to the tone of the guitar, so go check the demo and see what you think.

Hopefully the site will update either over the weekend or early next week with some pricing, as well as more information on the specification of these new designs.

No RRP yet.

by Jef