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DOD Looking Glass FET Class A SHOE Over Drive pedal

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The Looking Glass Overdrive is collaboration between DOD and the boutique pedal company SHOE Pedals. This Class-A FET-based transparent overdrive is designed to be touch sensitive and the makers hope it will react to your playing dynamics as well as any good quality tube amp would.


This type of overdrive pedal is very popular with some players as they don’t mask your guitar’s tone. The problem is most ‘pedal designers’ are too busy trying to copy the old Tubescreamer circuits and reinvent the wheel. So DOD and SHOE pedals have used asymmetrical clipping in a Class-A discreet FET circuit design to achieve this type of touch sensitive circuit that a certain guitarist clientele will love.

The name Looking Glass and the pedal’s shiny exterior underscore the minimalist design ethos and clean demeanour. From the audio demos I have heard, it sounds very good indeed.

A good transparent overdrive is just what you need when you have a nice tube amp. The two will complement each other and allow you to get some great sounds from your guitar. I’ve owned a good few drive pedals in my time, but, as with every guitar player I know, I will always find room for another good one in my hoard and so I am looking forward to trying one of these out myself once they become available.


• Circuit Design by Christopher Venter of SHOE Pedals
• Discrete FET Class-A Design
• Dual Gain Stages selectable via toggle switch
• Hybrid Pre- and Post-Gain Bass and Treble Controls
• Input Filter control to tame overly-bright guitars
• Internal DIP switches to reduce unwanted effects of overly-bright signals and buffers
• True bypass
• 9V Power Supply jack
• Aluminum chassis

RRP GBP £129

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DOD Looking Glass FET Class A SHOE Over Drive pedal

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