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delay MXR Carbon Copy 10th Anniversary Edition pedal

MXR Carbon Copy 10th Anniversary Edition delay pedal  ·  Source: MXR


There are plenty of delay pedals on the market, but not many are recommended again and again. The MXR Carbon Copy is an analogue delay based on old bucket brigade technology, and includes a MOD section. This effect pedal is now 10 years old and MXR is releasing a special edition of the Carbon Copy to celebrate its tenth anniversary.


10th Anniversary Carbon Copy

Ten years? Where did that go? Anyway, let’s start this off by talking about what isn’t new here. There are no elaborate new graphics, no additional controls, no change in the delay circuit, no expression input, no tap tempo… The innards of this effect are identical to the normal green version. The delay time available remains the same at 600 ms.

The only real difference is the pedal housing. This edition has a lighter aluminium body and is painted in metallic silver. Otherwise, the pedal has the same controls for Mix, Regeneration and Delay. Above these main controls is a Mod switch, which adds some wow and flutter from the tape echo area to the sound.

The Carbon Copy harks back to the classic, vintage analogue delays of old and has enjoyed a good reputation for 10 years. According to MXR, it’s the ‘best-selling analogue delay worldwide’.

MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay Pedal 10th Anniversary Silver Edition

MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay Pedal 10th Anniversary Silver Edition

Silver Machine

I like that fact that Jim Dunlop/MXR are still making this. But come on, it is still the same old delay just in a new silver case. Not exactly a huge deal. But maybe silver pedals are your special thing. Then you should go buy one…

The price hasn’t officially been announced, but I see have seen dealers are selling it for the standard price of the regular green version online already. So expect somewhere in the GBP 159 (RRP GBP 199) region, though many places are saying the stock is not due until January 2019!


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