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Camelot  ·  Source: Camelot


Camelot  ·  Source: Camelot

All together now – “We’re knights of the round table. We dance when e’re we’re able. We do routines and chorus scenes. With footwork impeccable!” I’ve no idea why they’ve called it Camelot but it aims to bring hardware synthesizers and virtual ones around the same table to provide you with live performance hosting, layering, loading, mapping and management.


“We dine well here in Camelot. We eat ham and jam and spam alot.” I am sorry about that. So this is very much like Mainstage then, I hear you ask? Yes and no. Yes because it does a similar thing and no because what Camelot does that Mainstage doesn’t is deal with hardware instruments. Camelot has been designed to bring in all the presets from your connected instruments for easy access and selection. The other big difference is that it’s cross-platform with support for Windows MacOS and iOS – awesome!

Along with the layering of software and hardware instruments, audio and MIDI routing, set lists and the instant selection and loading of your songs they also want to include notes and attachments, like chord sheets, music scores or whatever you need for your performance.

Camelot was designed by Fatar and Audio Modeling who were behind the SWARM engine found in ROLI software.

They hope to be available in September and the price is yet to be decided.

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