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Ensure Sound Prodigy ER-16

Ensure Sound Prodigy ER-16  ·  Source: Ensure Sound

Ensure Sound Prodigy ER-16

Ensure Sound Prodigy ER-16  ·  Source: Ensure Sound


Ensure Sound have announced a new run of their Moog Prodigy clone. The Prodigy ER-16 is a complete synth voice, designed for Eurorack and will eat up 42hp. It was first released back in October where they sold all 5 units through the eBay listing. There appears to be another 5 up for grabs, so if this interests you then don’t hang around.


Prodigy ER-16

Ensure Sound is the company of Dimitry Shentyapin from Kraków in Poland. His Prodigy ER-16 first saw the light of day in a video posted in October 2016 (below). It’s designed to be a clone of the Moog Prodigy in a very handy Eurorack format. And although it’s not cool to make fun out of people’s use of a second language his description of “The synthesizer PRODIGY ER-16 does not sound worse as original” is pretty hilarious – in a good way!


The Prodigy ER-16 follows the spec of the original. It has two VCO’s, both with saw and triangle waves and then VCO1 has pulse and VCO2 has square and each has an octave divider. The filter section is a classic Moog ladder VCF -24dB/oct. There’s two envelope generators and one LFO. The Moog Prodigy is a fairly basic mono synth, but with great character.

Dimitry has made a bunch of modifications to make it more interesting in a modular setup. There’s a dual and single CV input for oscillators to create 2 voice poly emulation. A sync input for VCO2 as well as waveform signal outputs. A noise generator and an external audio input. LFO external sync with LED control and a 3 band speed divider.

All the controls, which were very spaced out on the Moog, have been neatly squeezed into a compact 43hp panel.


I’m not sure if they are hand made by the man himself. The numbers that have been released to eBay and the use of eBay as a selling platform itself would indicate a small operation. But then the pricing is very attractive and not what you’d expect from something that took days of manual soldering to put together. They are selling for 2650 Polish Zloty which is about £540 or $670. That’s the price of a Moog Mother-32. Shipping appears to be free in Europe. He’s had conversations about US shipping on the Facebook page so that should be possible too.

There’s currently no working website for Ensure Sound so all the information is coming via their Facebook page. It looks like a decent product that’s been marketed in a slightly strange way. Not sure selling via the Polish eBay site is the best way to tackle it, although it does make it available globally in a relatively easy way. Plus he could do with making a lot more videos, or give a few away to people to make some videos for him. And a working website would be no bad thing.


Or maybe he just builds 5 and is happy to sell them without a fuss and then goes and makes some more. In any case it’s all over eBay so just search in your country’s version or you can hop directly from here:

eBay Poland – link.
eBay UK – link.
eBay USA – link.


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Ensure Sound Prodigy ER-16

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    Chuck Bruneau says:

    i really wish the demo video didn’t have the signal hard panned to the right and a reverb hard panned to the left

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