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Mooer Pitch Step - Harmoniser and Pitch shift pedal

Mooer Pitch Step - Harmoniser and Pitch shift pedal  ·  Source: Mooer


Mooer has announced that it will be presenting its brand new Pitch Step pedal at the NAMM 2018 Show later this month. This little red box looks well specified despite a low price tag, so it may give the Whammy pedal a run for its money.


Pitch Step

Mooer says its new pedal has fast polyphonic pitch-shifting, an optional dry output and also that you can customise the Oct +/-, now I’m not sure exactly how they are implementing that last feature, but it sounds cool!

The Pitch Step has a pressure sensor which activates the effect and the pedal can run on either a 9-volt battery or an external power supply. So it sounds as though it is more than pedal board friendly and I like it doesn’t need a specialised power supply, which was a big issue for some of the old Digitech Whammy pedals.

Mooer Pitch Step - Harmoniser and Pitch shift pedal

Mooer Pitch Step – Harmoniser and Pitch shift pedal

Budget Shift

What might get players interested is the projected price, which appears to be around the GBP 100 mark (As a comparison, Digitech’s Whammy 5 costs around GBP 147 on Thomann). If the build quality on this new pedal is decent then I feel that Mooer could take a lot of orders for this.


Of course, all of this will also come down to exactly how good their pitch shifting algorithm is. Mooer have shown that they can come up with some decent sounding effects, so I don’t actually think that this will be an issue. The company has made some great clones of classic pedals over the last few years and because of this, their reputation is fairly strong in terms of sound quality. I own a few of their micro pedals including the Reecho, Ninety Orange and their Trelicopter and all sound more than good enough for me to gig with.

RRP – USD 138

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  • Mooer Pitch Step - Harmoniser and Pitch shift pedal: Mooer
Mooer Pitch Step - Harmoniser and Pitch shift pedal

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