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AtomicTransient (probably)  ·  Source:

Now here’s something I didn’t know I needed: AtomicTransient claims to be the world’s first polyphonic transient tool. It can detect all sorts of things within a mix, apparently. Drums and percussion are obvious contenders when talking transients, but it can also detect solo or polyphonic instruments and allow for certain adjustments.

They talk about being able to bring more sustain to a snare or even remove particular drums in a mix. You can enhance or reduce the sound of a guitar, or use their ADSR-overwrite to change the groove of a complete mix. You can change and process individual piano notes and reshape instruments within a mix like you would with a synthesizer.

It sounds very implausible and fascinating but so far Molecular Bytes haven’t given out any more information, demos or example videos of their plug-in in action. Hopefully more info will be forthcoming but for the moment it simple says “coming soon”. It’s also difficult to know which images refer to this new plug-in – I’m not enjoying this tease very much.

Some information:

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