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Midiphy MatriX

Midiphy MatriX  ·  Source: Midiphy

Midiphy MatriX

Midiphy MatriX  ·  Source: Midiphy MatriX


The monster MatriX mechanical grid extension to the LoopA and SEQ v4+ has become a reality and it looks awesome.



First of all the MatriX is not a product by itself, it’s an extension to Midiphy’s LoopA 6-channel MIDI sequencer or the SEQ v4+ MIDI and CV super-sequencer. But MatriX is the sort of interface that could push you into a whole new way of sequencing that you perhaps hadn’t considered before.

Midiphy MBSEQ V4+

Midiphy MBSEQ V4+ · Source: Midiphy

MatriX is a 17×17 grid of gorgeous RGB backlit mechanical keys that brings sequencing dramatically to life. It also has 4 analogue sliders and a joystick for menu control. There’s also a fabulous looking OLED screen that appears to mirror what’s on the keys. On the back are two BLM ports for attaching to both the LoopA and SEQ v4+. You can use both or two of each and switch between them.

It has several functions. The most obvious being as a matrix sequencer where you have time going left to right and pitch going up and down. Just hit a key to turn it into a note. You can zoom and pan about the place to scroll to new steps and higher and lower octaves. You can also zoom in to a higher resolution of step leaving the 16-steps in the dust. The interface is amazingly elegant letting you select and edit notes with remarkable ease. Colour cleverly comes into play with regard to note length.

Midiphy MatriX

Midiphy MatriX · Source: Midiphy MatriX

In another mode, you can use the keys as a colourful isomorphic keyboard. In another, it becomes a Macro controller over your whole set with mutes, clips, scenes and editing all available from the grid display.


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MatriX is a beautiful thing to watch and has an extraordinary amount of detail and subtlety going on. The sheer size of it is illuminating and feels like you could lose yourself in it. While it’s just an extension of the LoopA and SEQ v4+ functionality it’s certainly the sort of product that could stand alone if Midiphy decided to build sequencing into it.

As it is Midiphy offers all their products as kits to be built and explored. The MatriX “Essential Kit” comes with the metal case, PCBs, keys and specialist elements but expects you to source the more regular components. The kit will cost you €1,189.99 inc VAT and shipping is free. If you don’t already have the LoopA or SEQ v4+ then their Essential Kits are €399.98 and €739.99 respectively. That’s quite an investment and you’ve still got to source a lot of components and then build the thing.

What a machine though, wow, fantastic.

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Midiphy MatriX

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2 responses to “Midiphy MatriX: A mechanical canvas for your sequences”

    Andy says:

    Thanks for the kind words Robert! Note that the pricing you see includes EU VAT and free shipping worldwide. Thus outside of the EU you’ll pay only 999 (plus any associated import charges, if applicable).
    Andy (from midiphy)

      Robin Vincent says:

      Thank you, not sure how I read that wrong. It’s been amended in the article. Sorry about that.

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