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MFB Nanozwerg Pro

MFB Nanozwerg Pro  ·  Source: MFB


The Nanozwerg was a cool little desktop mono-synth, with a legendary filter, produced some time ago by MFB. They’ve just announced that they have reworked it into Eurorack modular format and upgraded its status to “Pro”. The Nanozwerg Pro is not just delicious to say, it’s a completely awesome monophonic analogue synthesizer.


Nanozwerg Pro

They’ve packed a lot of stuff into 24hp. The analogue VCO has 4 waveforms and a sub with 3 intervals or white noise. The filter was the stand-out feature of the desktop Nanozwerg and with the Pro they’ve tweaked it a bit but it’s lost none of its character. It’s an analogue 12dB multi-mode filter with high, low, band and notch options. The first ADSR envelope can control the filter, the second one controls the VCA. An LFO offers 4 waveforms including sample-and-hold. A one-shot mode acts like an envelope where a single cycle of the selected waveform can be triggered. The first 3 waveforms can be morphed together, which is a nice feature.

On the right is a comprehensive patch bay offering CV control on pretty much everything. It also has a MIDI input and can be controlled via MIDI CC numbers.

The improvements over the original are in the filter design, an additional envelope, sync input and the LFO waveform morphing. For a great demo of the sonic possibilities check out the Facebook video below – no talking, just analogue loveliness.


At $250 it’s quite a neat complete mono-synth voice for your Eurorack. It should be available at the end of April and they’ll be demonstrating it at Superbooth in Berlin over the weekend of the 22nd April.

More information available on the MFB website.

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MFB Nanozwerg Pro

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