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Metric Halo mkIV interfaces

 ·  Source: Metric Halo


Manufacturer Metric Halo does not regard the mkIV ULN-8, LIO8 and LIO / 4p units as mere audio interfaces. Rather, it speaks of a modular recording and mixing console/ecosystem kind of arrangement. But the sound quality is clear there, with boutique preamps, high-end converters, and no-comprimise monitor controllers. There is also a software package that offers “a whole studio full of outboard equipment”. But let’s focus on the mkIV interfaces at the heart of it all.


Metric Halo ULN-8 mkIV, LIO8 mkIV, LIO/4p mkIV

Some new features were already introduced with the 3D update from 2018. This included a USB connection (instead of the obsolete Firewire), two Ethernet sockets, and a choice between ADAT and S / PDIF. These 3D extensions are incorporated in the fourth generation Metric Halo interfaces that is now available. It also includes new analog circuitry and revised converters. According to Metric Halo, the result is more detail, “body” and “soul” – gotta love that old-school producer talk!

Metric Halo ULN-8 Mk IV Audio Interface

Metric Halo ULN-8 Mk IV · Source: Metric Halo

Round Trip Latency (RTL) figures have been further minimized. Instead of 116 samples, RTL is now a mere 18 samples – that’s the kind of difference that’s more than just numbers. Additionaly, the manufacturer says that the design has been optimized for “low-latency unity-gain analog loops”. Unfortunately, Metric Halo does not explain what is meant by this in detail, but it’s gotta be something good!


Further along, the mute system in the new interfaces now works with relays, which should help eliminate click and pop noises when switching. Another difference concerns the power consumption. It has been reduced to different degrees for each interface. Better energy efficiency aside, this also ensures that the devices do not heat up as much. That’s a blessing when in a big rack!

Metric Halo LIO 8 Audio Interface

Metric Halo LIO 8 mk IV audio interface · Source: Metric Halo

Otherwise, the three models contain everything that’s made Metric Halo units so coveted: converters with up to 192 kHz resolution, Ethernet MHLink, a hybrid DSP / FPGA engine for signal processing, a bundle with over 100 plug-ins, support for surround up to 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos, and mixing with up to 128 channels and 64 buses.

Price and availability

The Metric Halo ULN-8 mkIV costs EUR 4500. The LIO8 mkIV costs EUR 3900 and LIO / 4p mkIV costs EUR 2199. However, if you order early, you can save up to EUR 500 off the price.

More information about the Metric Halo mkIV range

Metric Halo mkIV interfaces

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