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Mattoverse Electronics QuadraMix

Mattoverse Electronics QuadraMix  ·  Source: Mattoverse Electronics

Mattoverse Electronics has just announced its new QuadraMix, a mixer in a compact, heavy-duty pedal that gives you an interesting new way way to expand on your sounds.


Mattoverse Electronics has put a 4-input/2-output mixer into a pedal format and given it two high-impedance inputs designed for either guitar or bass and two low-impedance inputs designed for keyboards and synths or even drum machines.

On the output side, the QuadraMix has two mono 1/4″ jack outputs. The manufacturer states that you can plug in stereo headphones, obviously still only giving you a mono signal. If using (TS) instrument cable, the folks at Mattoverse say you should insert it halfway until you hear “one click”. TRS jacks can be plugged in fully, they say. The master volume controls the output to both of the output jacks, so be careful. The unit has enough gain on tap to overdrive those outputs easily and so it could be a bit lethal if you are heavy handed. Proceed with caution, I reckon.

On the other hand, the option to overdrive either the inputs or outputs of each channel might make this mixer especially useful for those that like to experiment. It uses both Neutrik and Switchcraft jacks, neither of which are attached to the main internal board, so it should be pretty rugged and endure the rigours of live use easily enough.

The ultimate utility box?

The QuadraMix can run off a regular centre negative 9V or 12V power supply, so you should be able to easily fit it into most rigs. I did notice that when you go to their website, they offer you a 10% discount of you join their mailing list, so this could be handy if you fancy getting one.

I can think of plenty of times that I could have done with a compact mixer pedal, especially one as robust looking as this. The Quadramix seems a well-thought out product and I think it is a great idea. I do love its simple layout and the promise of bulletproof construction quality, which should be perfect for your pedalboard.

RRP – USD 149

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