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Acid Rain Technology Maestro

Acid Rain Technology Maestro  ·  Source: Acid Rain Technology


From Acid Rain Technology comes Maestro, a 6-channel live switchable looping and one-shot LFO waveform generating machine. It was released a couple of weeks ago and it slipped under my radar but a video (below) from YouTuber Ricky Tinez brought it to my attention and I felt compelled to share. 



6 channels of live switchable looping/one shot waveforms out of a module covered in buttons. It’s not immediately obvious what this module is about or why it should have our attention. It looks a lot like a sequencer. But actually it’s a highly configurable uber-LFO that uses button combinations to transform the shape and timing of the voltage at the outputs.

The clocking system keeps everything in sync. Then your LFOs can run in multiples or divisions of the clock always staying relevant to each other. You can choose waveform shapes from ramp, triangle, square and random, smooth or step, uni or bi-polar. You can do that sort of thing on most LFOs but what’s interesting about the Maestro is how quickly you can transform the outputs, how you can push changes to as many outputs as you want simultaneously, how you can chain waveforms together and how you save your configurations for dramatic patching changing recall later.

So you can choose a waveform and time division and send that to all 6 outputs for some ordered modulation throughout your rack. Then you could half time 3 of them with another button press, all synced and dropping in perfectly. Using the Chain mode you could have a triangle LFO switch to random, switch to a fast wobbly triangle, then to a slow saw and repeat. Or have it triggered as a one-shot, or reset from another source. Each output can produce a collection of changing waveforms, speeds and rhythms that can add remarkable movement and excitement to your modular. And then, with the touch of another button, load a completely different situation on-the-fly.

Did I mention it has a Mute button? I’m always pulling out cables to stop modulations so being able to mute the channels is very handy.


Maestro may not be fascinating to look at but it is full of fascinating outcomes.

Maestro is available now for £369.

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Acid Rain Technology Maestro

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