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Line 6 HX One Multi-Effects Pedal

Line 6 HX One Multi-Effects Pedal  ·  Source: YouTube/Line 6


The new Line 6 HX One is a multi effects pedal with over 250 effects available. This stereo pedal is compact and offers a lot of choice. But is it actually quite limited?


Line 6 HX One

The Line 6 HX One uses their HX technology to give guitarists over 250 stereo effects in one very compact pedal format. Being stereo is obviously good for many musicians, as it gives you options when recording or playing live.

Line 6 HX One

Line 6 HX One · Source: Line 6


It has an easy-to-navigate OLED screen to help users get around all those effects and three assignable knobs on the front, allow for quick editing. There is also a effect/save knob for navigation and a home button for saving the edited effect.

It also has  a Flux/Tap switch to access tap tempo and automatic parameter shifts. There are 128 onboard presets available, so it should, in theory, be quite versatile.

The HX One also has  adjustable impedance and buffer settings, allowing it to most guitars and setups with relative ease. Adjustable impedance will allow it to work with most pickup types without any issues, then it has True Bypass or a buffered DSP Bypass, which will work well for most pedalboard setups.

HX One connections

HX One connections · Source: Line 6

Flux Controller

The Flux Controller offers users the ability to automate parameter changes. As mentioned above, it is accessed via  Tap/Flux footswitch.  This allows for some real-time control, giving effects movement and potentially a whole new dimension.

One Effect?

My major concern though, is that it appears to only run one effect at a time which is a bit of a let down. I was expecting a multi-effects unit and having only one effect available is rather limiting in 2023.


This appears to be an update to the Line 6 M5  Effects Modeler in many ways, but will people pay the asking price for only one effect at a time?

Line 6 HX One MIDI ports

MIDI ports · Source: Line 6


In terms of connectivity there are MIDI In/Out ports on the side of the unit and a USB-C port on the rear, for accessing the HX One Librarian app. Finally, there are the stereo/mono jack in and outs.

A 9 volt power supply is included in the price of the unit.


It could be a useful pedal for a lot of guitarists. Again, my main concern is that it will only run one effect at a time, which is a major limitation for many musicians. The compact form factor and stereo operation are good and the Flux Control could be very useful. Plus, having access to the HX Technology effect algorithms will make it pretty versatile for many musicians.


Pre-orders for the new Line 6 HX One stereo multi-effect pedal are open now over on Thomann.

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Line 6 HX One Multi-Effects Pedal

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6 responses to “Line 6 HX One Multi-Effects Pedal – One effect at a time?”

    Illya Reid says:

    alot of money for 1 pedal that can do only 1at a time fx’s you could get a whole unit that plays several fx’s at a time for that price

    gear says:

    its basically a h9 for less money with better features. great job line 6!

    FS says:

    I was hoping for a follow-up for the M5, good that they opted for a smaller footprint. But no exp-In?
    And only one effect at the time?
    Unless this thing sounds like pure gold – Meh. Might pick one up used in 5 years.

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