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Kramer SM-1

Kramer SM-1  ·  Source: Kramer


These new Kramer SM-1 Figured models come with a neck-through, double-cutaway design and a fancy figured maple veneer top. But are they actually what Kramer fans really want?


Kramer SM-1 Figured

The Kramer SM-1 on paper at least sounds like a good guitar. They have a neck-through construction, with a double-cutaway design and they have that AAA flame maple veneer top. Plus, they have mahogany bodies and a Kramer K-Speed SlimTaper C neck with an ebony fretboard.

They are available in Caribbean Blue Perimeter, Royal Purple Perimeter and Black Denim Perimeter finishes. And all three colours are also available in left-handed versions as well.

Kramer SM-1

Royal Purple Perimeter

Seymour Duncan

Each guitar has a set of three Seymour Duncan pickups, a JB humbucker at the bridge and Cool Rails single-coils in the neck and middle positions. These are wired with a volume and tone knob, plus a five-way pickup selector and a mini-toggle for splitting the coils on the bridge humbucker.

Hardware includes the Floyd Rose 1000 series tremolo and a matching Floyd Rose R2 1000 series locking nut. All the hardware on the models is black, which works well with all three finish options.

The price is not too high, but if you want a matching Kramer hard case then that will cost you extra, which is a shame.

Kramer SM-1

Caribbean Blue Perimeter

Do Kramer fans want these?

I’m not personally sure that die-hard Kramer fans will be that into this new SM-1 version, as it isn’t exactly a classic ’80s model.


Plus, Instagram comments like the ones below, give the impression that the Gibson-owned Kramer brand isn’t quite back in form yet.

No Kramer fan wants these, make some Mick Mars customs or something different, we want the 80s guitar look back and not just the ones you’re currently doingjackmkelsey

Kramer fans want non-recessed Floyd’s. Pleaseeeeee. Kramer fans also want Made In USA!maplefret

Can you just stop trying to create basic s**t like this? You take the stagey, and just apply a “random ass youtube playing non-80s lover disturbed fans” paintjob?
Bruh you guys are kramer or what?luciano_ferraro_

I get the feeling that some players will love these, but the real Kramer fans seem to be quite divided and vocal about them already.

MSRP – EUR 1199 *

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  • Royal Purple Perimeter: Kramer
  • Caribbean Blue Perimeter: Kramer
Kramer SM-1

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3 responses to “Kramer SM-1 Figured: New AAA maple, higher end model”

    Feurope says:

    I think these SM-1s are fine. A few moaners in comments dont make up a market. Gibson made USA Kramers and ask any dealer who has them, they dont sell. They have 80s versions, again, dont sell… so, moaners can moan but it’s sales that count so I get why they come with more modern designs. Just play one, they are good!

      JP says:

      This moaner in comments is also undoubtedly one of only a few, but do these with a hardtail and I’d be in. Not every pointy-headstocked superstrat coveter wants to make noises like a lift (elevator to our US friends) going up and down a skyscraper.

      A rock solid, immovable base to give it some serious chuggage in the rhythm guitar department for those of us reliving our 80s youth would be more than welcome!

    David elder says:

    I have been trying to find one of these in left handed. Soo far. it doesn’t exist. I can’t get one. and nobody has one. but they claim they are available. alot of bull.

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