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Korg Nautilus

The Korg Nautilus rises from the deep!  ·  Source:


UPDATE: Korg has now released full details of Korg Nautilus – find out more here!



Wow, what a day for Korg news! After leaks about the SQ-64, ARP 2600 mini and opsix, now comes a third: the Korg Nautlius rises from the deep.

Korg Nautilus

Our jaws dropped when our German-language sister site messaged us frantically earlier today, telling us about a new leak via a Danish store, Compared to the other leaks we’ve seen in the last 24 hours, namely the SQ-64 and opsix, this image delivers fewer clues. Will Nautilus include all those nice synthesizer collections? And how will it compare functionally with the Korg Krome? Questions over questions.



Our first impressions are of a new, cheaper version of the Kronos. We suspect that samples will be loaded in, that Korg will save on all non-essential connections but include all the features of the previous incarnations of this concept, just using simple and inexpensive components.

So where is Korg going with the Nautilus? One direction the company could take is moving towards simpler, more touch-focused implementation, with fewer hardware control elements. The operating concept of the Kronos, remember, is already quite touch-y. But it has its limitations; the screen doesn’t understand gestures. All you do is tap the screen and then change a parameter. We hope that this aspect will be developed further in the Nautilus.

Then there’s the crucial aspect of price. The trend towards cheap synthesizers is very strong, leading Korg from the luxury instrument Oasys to the Kronos – will that trend continue to the Nautilus? We suspect that we may see a release in three versions, with keyboards in the 60-, 70- and 80-key range.

Obviously, these musings are all highly speculative. All will be revealed when we get the full story from Korg. We’ll get you any and all updates we receive on this intriguing new workstation.

What’s your take on the new Nautilus? Let us know in the comments below.

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Korg Nautilus

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7 responses to “Korg Nautilus: A new synthesizer workstation rises from the deep!”

    J-Go says:

    It looks like Krome substitute

    Dave says:

    I’ve always dreamed of a Kronos WITHOUT all the Karma/sequencer/workstation stuff. Just a killer live keyboard with all those Kronos engines and sounds and Kronos keybed.

    Brian Shackelford says:


    Bobby Belknap says:

    just don’t get Korg, what is their Obsession with scaled down Kronos’s,

    And now Nautilus

    Just give Us a New Workstation, call it whatever, Kronos 3, Kronos the Sequel, Kronos Unhinged.

      Vincent Denis says:

      I own a KRONOS 2 73 myself, the KRONOS LS is not a scale down version of the KRONOS btw as they only stripped the hammer action key bed for a more standard synth key bed as some people hate hammer action, I guess? But still wanted 88 keys. I don’t know why and do not understand it. Now gigging with KRONOS is a pain in the neck quite frankly, it is heavy and bulky. The idea to have a board with the same sound engines at half the price sounds pretty good to me.

    Mike Bowles says:

    Lots of empty real estate. Still no piano roll editor(how hard is it?), still no fixed velocity keyboard response(how hard is it?). Clue’s in the name, it’s a workstation, make it a workstation.

    Roy Daniels Jr. says:

    Performance vs cost is still a issue compared to other keyboard manufacturers

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