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Korg Collection 5

Korg Collection 5  ·  Source: Korg

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The ARP 2600 joins Korg’s synthesizer software suite Collection 5. Other new entries include EP-1 and Vox Super Continental.

Korg Collection 5

Korg has a long and storied history, with many incredible synthesizers released over the years. The company has been quietly digitizing them and collecting them in a single bundle. Called the Korg Collection, it’s now up to version 5 and includes three new instruments, two of which aren’t actually synthesizers.

Joining other Korg classics such as the MS-20, PolySix and M1 are the ARP 2600, EP-1 electric piano and Vox Super Continental organ. Hey, wait a minute. Aren’t two of these non-Korg instruments? All in good time, my friend.

Korg Collection 5: ARP 2600

One of the most famous synthesizers of all time, the semi-modular 2600 has had something of a revival recently, with recreations from a number of different companies. Korg has done a few too in collaboration with David Friend of ARP Instruments. Now they’re adding a digital version of the 2600 to the Collection.

There are already quite a few 2600 emulations on the market, including offerings from Arturia and Cherry Audio. Korg, however, claims that “This is the only ARP 2600 plug-in that can faithfully recreate all 100 sounds in the original 2600 Patch Book”.

In addition, the new Collection ARP 2600 features “both classic modifications and entirely new modules”. Hey now, I like the sound of that.

It joins the ARP Odyssey in the Collection.


Korg Collection 5: Piano and Organ

Along with the ARP 2600, Korg is adding two more instruments: EP-1 and Vox Super Continental.

Kronos EP-1 is an electric piano engine and has seven Nautilus models:

  • Tine EP I Early
  • Tine EP I Late
  • Tine EP II
  • Tine EP V
  • Tine EP DMP
  • Reed EP 200
  • Reed EP 200A

These are new ports and not compatible with the Kronos or Nautilus.

Vox Super Continental is a digital version of the famous dual manual transistorised combo organ. As for why Korg is doing a Vox, well, Korg bought the name in 1992. You might remember Korg made its own Vox Continental stage keyboard in 2017.

Price and Availability

Korg Collection 5 will be available in summer 2024. The company has yet to release pricing information but I assume it will be in line with the current cost, which is $399. Upgrade pricing may also be available.

Collection 4 is still available.

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