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Arturia synth

Arturia synth  ·  Source: Arturia

Arturia has something new to announce and has started up the promotional tease machine with a 19-second video.


Did you spot it? Well flexing my considerable pause buttons skills I was able to pull a few frames that might indicate something. Like this:

Arturia synth

Arturia synth

I can see Wavetables and filter modelling, Phase Distortion, Wavefolding and possible the name of “Regen”? The second screen grab wasn’t as clear but seems to show some kind of graphical modulation matrix with multiple LFOs and plenty of randomisation.

Arturia Grab

Arturia Grab

So I’ve got to assume that this is about software right? They say that for 20 years they’ve been recreating the most iconic synthesizers and that it’s time to…. well I guess that means produce their own synthesizer. When they say “recreating” then this definitely refers to their software range. So I reckon they are about to release a comprehensive software instrument, packed with all sorts of synthesis and they will name it “Regen”. Remember you heard it here first!

Although it’s a shame really because I live in perpetual hope of a new version of Storm.

That was fun! Official announcement will come on the 11th December.

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Regen — To me that says OR-egen. I think it’s a port of their blending synth digital emulation box the Origin, probably with stuff from the Collection V mixed in.


The Origin wasn’t wavetable, so it could be something new.