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Acoustic guitars aren’t just for annoying people to pull out at parties and start singing on the stairs, they’re also a mainstay of all kinds of music production and performance. Until now, anyone wanting to amplify or record their acoustic either had to use a regular microphone or fit their guitar with a pickup and an output so it could be connected to an amplifier or an audio interface.


IK Multimedia continues its quest to mic up every instrument in existence (don’t be surprised to see the ‘iRig Trombone’ at some point) with a mobile-friendly acoustic pickup, the iRig Acoustic. It uses MEMS technology (MicroElectrical-Mechanical System) which IK claims is better than both piezo and magnetic pickups, and is used in many smartphones. It’s certainly true that modern phones are capable of surprisingly good audio recording from extremely small mics, so perhaps there is something to this.

Clipping to the rim of the sound hole on your guitar, it connects to your device’s headphone input jack with a regular mini jack connector. If that sounds confusing, these ports on phones and tablets almost always double up as inputs as well as outputs. The breakout cable has a stereo output on it so you can monitor using headphones or connect to a mixer or pair of speakers, bypassing the issue of it already using your headphone port. It will work with any Mac or PC with an audio input, plus of course via any audio interface if you add an adaptor. It also comes with the Amplitube Acoustic app which is capable of calibrating the mic for the best possible pickup of your particular guitars. Like some of IK’s other recent stuff it also works with Android.

iRig Acoustic is available for EUR 49.99 from the IK web store.




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