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Iced Audio AudioCortex

Iced Audio AudioCortex  ·  Source: Iced Audio

We all know the problem: You’ve got gigabytes of sounds, but whenever you need that perfect vocal sample, it takes forever to find. The developers at Iced Audio think that they have the solution: Let artificial intelligence do the job for you! AudioCortex uses AI to automatically categorize your library, so you can easily find stuff when you need it.

Iced Audio AudioCortex

The people behind AudioCortex are the same folks who brought us AudioFinder, which is among the most popular audio file management applications on the Mac. It’s been around for about 20 years and chances are that you’re already using it or have used it at some point.

In fact, AudioCortex began as a development within AudioFinder, in order to further simplify the categorizing process. Iced Audio decided to release it as a stand-alone app for those who don’t need the full functionality of AudioFinder. And now it’s finally available on the App Store.

Iced Audio AudioCortex

Iced Audio AudioCortex

The idea is compellingly simple: Just drag a folder of files onto the application and the trained neural network will get to work. The software “listens” to the sounds and makes an educated guess as to which type of sound each file contains. It then comes up with descriptive labels such as “Synthesizer: Ambient” or “Loop: Vocals: Female”, for which you can search. As of now, there are 443 different categories.

You can also organize sounds in lists and directly drag them into your projects. The software is compatible with AIF, CAF, WAV, MP3, MP4, AAC and Apple Lossless file formats.

While it’s not a deep, metadata-based audio file management tool like AudioFinder (and not meant to be), AudioCortex looks like a great way to quickly get an idea of what a large number of files sound like. The AI already seems to work really well, and the developer says that it’ll only get better over time.

Iced Audio AudioCortex

Iced Audio AudioCortex

Price and compatibility

Iced Audio AudioCortex is now available on the Mac App Store for an introductory price of USD 9.99. Iced Audio says that the price will increase in 2021, so grab it now if you’re interested.

The software requires macOS 10.14 or higher and runs on Intel and Apple Silicon processors.

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