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Ibanez Iceman PS1DM Paul Stanley

Ibanez Iceman PS1DM - Paul Stanley's signature  ·  Source: Ibanez


The new Paul Stanley Ibanez Iceman PS1DM is not subtle. But why should it be? The Kiss guitarist is hardly known for being subdued…


Ibanez Iceman PS1DM

Covered in 1400 rhinestones that make this Iceman guitar iridescently striking, it follows on from the purple cracked glass version we saw last October. I think if you get where Kiss is coming from as a band, then you will probably think this is brilliant. It looks really well-done and must have taken ages to do by hand. 1400 little fiddly rhinestones must be a nightmare to apply to a guitar!


The PS1DM has a mahogany body with maple top, three-piece maple neck is glued in place and has a bound ebony fingerboard with acrylic and abalone inlays. The hardware is all completely finished in chrome, unfortunately, the two humbuckers Seymour Duncan 59 in the neck position and Custom 5 in the bridge, were left open coil. The Ibanez designed Gibraltar Bridge features a built-in Sustain Block and the tailpiece from the Quik Change Classic model, plus the nut is half bone and half copper, which should make this guitar sustain in a pleasant way I would have thought.


With Ibanez’s Prestige fret edge treatment applied to a set of medium frets, I would hope this guitar will play beautifully, but to be fair all the models I have played with this fret treatment in the past have played exactly like that and this guitar should be no exception.

Crazy Nights

For a limited edition guitar it certainly has the ‘wow factor’ down, don’t expect it to be cheap though and expect to see them listed for $7999, which is pretty steep. For a high-end, quality Japanese built Signature model guitar it is priced about right, as I expect there won’t be huge numbers of this guitar made and as I mentioned earlier, it must have been a nightmare fitting all those bloody rhinestones…

RRP – USD 7999

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Ibanez Iceman PS1DM Paul Stanley

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2 responses to “Ibanez Iceman PS1DM: Sparkly rock machine or Lady Gaga’s handbag?”

    William Paxson says:

    Actually, I think the pickups look better left black/uncovered as they tie in visually with the black knobs and fingerboard and the little bit of black around the edge where the rhinestones stop but they should have done the toggle tip and surround in black too IMO. The Iceman guitars were always a lot better rigs than a lot of folks give them credit for.

      Jef says:

      Well, yes. But if you are into super sparkly guitars with 1400 rhinestones than chances are you can pull off a bit of extra bling! 🙂

      Awesome guitars the Iceman and once I would highly recommend people try out.

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