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Sleepy Circuits Hypno

Sleepy Circuits Hypno  ·  Source: Sleepy Circuits

Hypno is a complete digital video playground in a Eurorack module or little box that can generate seizure-inducing visuals for your modular performances.

Twisted video

Hypno digitally emulates the analogue video systems of nightclubs of the 1990s. With a pair of shape generating oscillators you can swish, colour, feedback and polarize these images through manual or CV control and integrate them as part of your musical system.

The module contains 2 oscillators, one down each side, with individual control over shape, speed, scrolling, rotation, polarization, colour and fractal axis. So you get lines and boxes and you spin, fractalize and pulse the heck out of them. A central knob controls the gain of the video signal. The further you turn it to the right the brighter the signal until it starts to feedback on itself. Turn it left and you get the negative image until that hits feedback. You get a number of feedback modes producing all sorts of lovely effects like pulsing or tunnelling, spinning or subtracting the oscillators from each other. The second middle knob sets the colour for both oscillators by rotating through a colour wheel with an offset to keep the two colours complimentary.

All of these things are CV controllable.

It looks really simple to use and there are deeper controls available through holding buttons and really getting into the movement of the oscillators. The effects are (I imagine) very crowd-pleasing and a perfect companion to the sorts of electronic noises that often comes out of modular performances. I really like how you don’t have to think about too hard, you can patch it in like any other part of your setup and explore it visually just like you would with audio signals.

Output is via a single composite S-Video jack on the front or via the Micro-HDMI output on the back of the module. There’s also a Micro-USB port for connecting to a computer or using MIDI control. It can be used as a source for software such as Resolume and Touch Designer.

Hypno is a great device for bringing visuals into your performance and slots brilliantly into the modular workflow. It should be available by the end of March and if you preorder you’ll get the plastic case and USB power cord for free. The price is $600.

Sleepy Circuits Hypno

Sleepy Circuits Hypno

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