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4ms Ensemble Oscillator

4ms Ensemble Oscillator  ·  Source: 4ms

4ms Ensemble Oscillator

4ms Ensemble Oscillator  ·  Source: 4ms

Designed in collaboration with Matthias Puech the Ensemble Oscillator contains 16 sine wave oscillators, 3 wavefolders, 3 distortions and 3 patterns of cross modulating FM.

Ensemble Oscillator

It’s a unified polyphonic voice that combines additive, FM, phase-distortion and wavefolding synthesis with 16 complex oscillators. The oscillators are bound to the selected scale or series of harmonics to give lush harmonic chords and rich textures or pure arpeggiating movements of sine waves. Custom scales can be “learned” via a CV keyboard or manually entering the notes.

The “Twist” and “Warp” knobs bring in a bit of tonal excitement. Twist lets you choose between three phase distortion effects: Ramp, Pulsar and Crush. Warp is all about wave folding and offers Fold, Cheb and Segment options. There are also three algorithms of Cross FM for modulating the oscillators with each other.

There’s a Freeze button to freeze the frequency of some of the oscillators depending on the selected algorithm. Output can be mono or stereo and there are some panning algorithms to choose from. There are two 1v/oct inputs, one unquantized for the Pitch and one quantized for the Root.

You have a number of CV inputs for controlling the main parameters and two gate inputs for learning and the Freeze function. There’s a lot going on in this module and it has an unusual feel that perhaps wouldn’t fit in everyone’s workflow. But it’s certainly interestingly complex and would reward experimental interactions.

The Ensemble Oscillator should be available in April for $299.

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