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Harrison AVA mastering EQ

 ·  Source: Harrison Consoles


Harrison Consoles, also known for making the Mixbus recording software, announced the AVA Mastering EQ. Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems, the EQ offers a proprietary filter shape designed for mastering applications. With this EQ, adjusting two adjacent bands results in a curve that’s flat across the band edges, rather than having humps and valleys.


This lets the EQ retain balance between the mix’s elements and enables its users to make broad changes to the frequency spectrum without compromising its musicality — so says Harrison. The equalising algorithms are taken from Harrison’s XTools plug-ins developed for the company’s digital consoles.

In usability terms, the AVA Mastering EQ has a very minimalistic interface but plenty of control. There are 31 bands, high- and low-pass filters with adjustable order, level trim, and bypass.

Overall, AVA looks like an interesting mastering EQ designed with a specific goal in mind. Another option worth taking a look at is the recently-released Magpha mastering EQ, which borrows an analog EQ sound engine and also features a super-minimalist interface.

Price and availability

AVA is available in VST, AU, and AAX formats for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. The introductory price is USD 49, down from USD 69. A free demo version can be downloaded for testing.

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