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Harley Benton TB-70 SBK

Harley Benton TB-70 SBK  ·  Source: Harley Benton

Harley Benton has debuted its TB-70 bass in a new Satin Black livery. A no-holds-barred instrument with plenty of attitude that’s eminently affordable, this one looks ready to rock straight out of the gate.

The Thunderbird shape

The TB-70 is evidently, ahem, inspired by the good old Thunderbird, a bass shape made famous since its arrival in the 1960s by legendary rock bassists such as John Entwistle (The Who), Nikki Sixx (Mötley Crüe), Twiggy Ramirez (Marilyn Manson) and Pete Way (UFO). In contrast to a filigree Jazz bass, this Thunderbird-inspired model leaves no room for doubt: this bass is made to rock.

The TB-70 from Harley Benton has been available in a classic vintage sunburst since 2014. Judging by the user reviews across the web, this model has kept a lot of customers happy with an excellent price-performance ratio.

Harley Benton TB-70 SBK

Harley Benton TB-70 SBK

Harley Benton TB-70 SBK

Now the TB-70 returns in a new guise, tailored to fans of rock and metal. For this new edition, Harley Benton has put this striking bass in a dark satin black finish with matching black hardware. I think the “blacked-out look” has a lot of timeless cool for heavier genres. What do you think?

Apart from the striking exterior and matching hardware, the rest of the ingredients are from a classic recipe: A mahogany body and neck with D-profile, two active mini humbuckers by Roswell and a 2-band tone control to get you the growling rock sound you expect. And the price? The new all black Harley Benton TB-70 SBK costs a mere 194 euros.

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