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Guild S-200 T-Bird ST P90

Guild S-200 T-Bird ST P90  ·  Source:

Guild has announced its new range of T-Bird guitars, with a slew of new colours, stop-tails and new pickup configurations for 2017 just ahead of the 2017 NAMM Show.

P90 or Humbuckers?

It’s an age-old question, but now Guild have decided you can have either. The maker has decided finally to release the T-Bird T-Bird ST and T-Bird ST P90 formats, which means you can choose your favourite pickup combination and go have some fun. I love P90s, so I would probably opt for the T-Bird ST P90 model if I had to choose, but you know I could make room for one of each if push came to shove.

But seriously, these new models look really tasty and I think if you like guitars that stand out a little from the usual Strat, Tele, Les Paul crowd, you should really be checking out these new Guild models.  Either way, I don’t think you can go wrong with any of these models if you want something different from your guitar.

Guild S-200 T-Bird ST P90

An overview of the control layout on the Guild S-200 T-Bird,


The Guild Franz P90 pickups on the Pelham Blue model would probably be my first choice. I love Pelham Blue (I have an SG in that colour). Or you could opt for either the  Vintage White or Cherry guitars, which are loaded with the Guild LB-1 Little Bucker mini-humbuckers.

The guitars are all vintage C-shaped set mahogany necks with a bound rosewood fingerboard and of course a lightweight mahogany body. On top of all that, this year’s models are all stop-tails instead of trem models, so if you prefer a hard tail, you’re in luck.

Have a listen to the demo below to hear what they sound like, I think they are very vintage-voiced. I’m looking forward to these guitars landing in 2017, as last year’s release was really cool and I love that the T-Bird has taken off once more for 2017.

RRP – T-Bird ST and T-Bird ST P90 both list at USD $1100 each, according to the Guild site

Full specifications on the Guild S-200 T-Bird’s can be found on the Guild site here

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