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Birdkids Grid

Birdkids Grid  ·  Source: Birdkids

Birdkids are collaborating with Formlabs to introduce Grid. It’s the first in a series of products designed as a handheld, wireless, haptic controller for creative audiovisual apps.


It’s a bit of a controller for your phone. Use it via Bluetooth BLE to tap into the creative audio and visual apps and give yourself some decent, responsive physical control. It’s built on a unified, mixed-modality, user-driven interaction framework that’s cross-platform. A companion App lets you do all the mapping, colour-coding and saving of presets.

The Grid itself is made from lightweight biodegradable materials in multiple colour finishes and “individual style choices”. The internal battery is high-capacity and rechargeable.

Grid or what they now seem to be confusingly calling “offGrid” is on Kickstarter and you can pick up an Early Bird for €109. Could be a really useful thing to carry with your phone for more engaging music-making. It would be a great companion to something like Tim Exile’s Endlesss.

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