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Front view  ·  Source: Golden Age Premier


Rear view  ·  Source: Golden Age Premier


Swedish manufacturer Golden Age Project announced the Pre-73 Jr Premier. This is a boutique version of the affordable and compact Pre-73 Jr. The one-channel unit offers 1073-style mic and instrument pre-amplification with a Class-A discrete signal path and dual transformer-balanced input / output paths.


Golden Age Project Pre-73 Jr Premier

As expected, the circuit in the PRE-73 Jr Premier is similar to the preamp section from the ‘gold-standard’ 1073 console preamp module. It gives out a warm, punchy, sweet and musical character that’s subtle on single tracks but really adds up in a mix. It’s graced countless recordings for decades and it’s also the mark of a very versatile preamp. The 1073 and any of its competent replicas tend to sound great on just about everything. When in doubt (or in a hurry) about getting vocal sounds, it takes a decent mic, a 1073-style pre, and a smooth compressor to start off – and build from there.

The Pre-73 Jr Premier offers a hearty 70dB of gain, an AIR boost (+3dB or +6dB at 30kHz), a selectable high-pass filter (40Hz or 170Hz), switchable phantom power, absolute phase, and a high-impedance input for pickup and line level instruments. The output level control makes it possible to overload the main gain stage for added saturation, then lower the output signal to a sane recording level. The connections are available on XLR/TRS input jacks and separate output XLR and TRS jacks. Also present is an insert/patch point for integrating additional outboard units.

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More Information

The input and output transformers are sourced from Carnhill in the UK, and the build includes tantalum and polystyrene capacitors, as well as “mostly soldered” internal connections. This is the old-fashioned way, favored by analog purists. An external power supply is used to prevent interaction with the audio circuitry. The preamp’s small format makes it possible to enclose up to 4 units inside the manufacturer’s 19-inch rackmount accessories.

Price and availability

The Golden Age Project PRE-73 Jr Premier is available for order from the manufacturer’s dealers, such as our affiliate partner Thomann *. It’s priced EUR 399.

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