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Wilkinson Audio DeBleeder Plugin  ·  Source:

Developed by an engineer, for engineers. This is one of those neat little plugins which is likely to add a time saving tool to your arsenal. This is actually an updated version of the plugin which hopefully resolves any initial bugs, and adds a soft knee and AAX support. It is aimed at removing bleed on the close mics of a multichannel drum kit recording, to aid in the balance and processing of your mix.

I could be really critical here and point out that this is just a noise gate with a side-chain input. However, although this might actually be the case, it seems to do the job particularly efficiently. Whilst you might be able to achieve the same results with a gate, this is going to be a lot faster with many of the parameters’ default settings being ideal for drums. This could have been another ‘one knob plugin’ which I moaned about here, but there’s still plenty of control available. What’s more, the parameters don’t have numerical values on them (but can be found in the info window if you need them), forcing you to use your ears. For me this all adds up to a well-balanced and well-thought-out plugin. Some manufactures could learn a lesson or two from Alex Wilkinson!

Sure, it doesn’t offer any huge technological advances, but what it set’s out to deliver, it achieves and in a professional manner. Hopefully this update solves any bugs the first release had and is now accessible by most modern DAW’s. Available in AAX, VST or AU formats, DeBleeder will work on Windows and Mac on both 32 bit and 64 bit platforms.

Priced with an introductory offer of 40 USD compared to the normal 60 USD, this is a neat little plugin which I can see will prove popular. For more information, visit the Wilkinson Audio web site here.

Here are a couple of videos on Alex “Wilkinson’s” YouTube channel, demonstrating the DeBleeder Plugin: