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Yamaha Genos

Yamaha Genos  ·  Source: Yamaha

Yamaha have finally revealed their long teased Digital Workstation keyboard. Genos is officially Yamaha’s new flagship keyboard/arranger/workstation machine. It’s packed full of jam-tastic musical styles, rhythms, sounds, effects and controllable features. Just start playing and it will play along with you.


So…. it’s an auto-accompaniment keyboard? Broadly speaking yes, but it’s a far cry from the Bontempi or Casio keyboard you’re probably thinking of. The sonic quality is top notch. There’s Articulation Element Modeling (AEM) that simulates physical characteristics of musical instruments and selects appropriate samples depending on how you play. There are over 1700 instrument sounds, 550 backing patterns and 216 arpeggios all geared towards inspiring your creativity. The effects come from Yamaha’s VCM technology found in their hi-end mixing consoles. Plug a microphone in the back and a built-in harmoniser will add vocal harmonies to your voice, or you can use it to power a vocoder. And the 16 track sequencer means that if you want to start from scratch, you can.

The Style Engine is so sophisticated that you don’t really have to play anything. But if you do it will follow you right along. This video highlights it brilliantly where you play a single chord and then some melody while Genos takes care of the rest. Why spend your time working on arrangements when it’s all there and sounding great.

The touchscreen and fader controls give you the best of both worlds. The slow, laborious workflow of a touch-screen trying to control a complex interface and then the cool hands-on control action for instant parameter tweaking.

Of course, no office Christmas party would be complete without an entertainer knocking out medleys of hits you’ve never heard of. The Genos is perfect for that sort of instant musical gratification. Browsing through styles, trying to find your groove, the Genos has a wealth of musical adventures for you to discover.

This is only scratching the surface. There’s so much more to this awesome home keyboard that you should really head over to the dedicated Genos website for more awesome videos on how it can help improve your creative output.

In the meantime here’s a video of playing samples from some of the pads so you can pull off a cool vocal performance without having to sing anything at all.

It’s Genos. It will inspire and intensify your musical creation and performance. Just check out this video and you’ll know everything you need to know about this awesome machine.

No news on the price yet.

More information.

Genos webpage.

2 responses to “Genos: Yamaha’s next generation digital workstation keyboard”

  1. Aviro says:

    Finaly Yamaha make the wish list complete for every (professional)arranger player. For 20 years i’m surprised why there is no great synht with a arranger function( the best of two worlds) ,MOTIV,FANTON ect..
    Wonder of Roland will come with a competition Fa-07-Bk9 mix?….
    So-Far Yamaha did a great job on the Genos, the 4 years of investigation what arranger players want/need?
    You can see the positive result.

    First disappointment : while the whole right side of the genos is almost empty Why not ad a touchsense multipad area instead of only 4 multipad buttons ?

    • Dick Dickerson says:

      For 20 years you were unaware of the fact there was the Tyros line? All cutting edge technology by Yamaha was first implemented in the Tyros series so it was the most powerful arranger on the market with mostly impossible to beat sounds. The so called pro arrangers (majority of them being one-man-orchestra party players and rich old people having nothing to do with their money) never missed an instrument in this segment.
      Now, Genos will be all over Asia and Europe, mostly at weddings and a folk-retiree anniversary parties of old German tourists in Ibiza. Just like the Tyros, Genos will never be seen in a professional recording studio! Yamaha lost its way years ago…

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