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Deep Space Devices Trigonaut

Deep Space Devices Trigonaut  ·  Source: Deep Space Devices

Based in Alabama, Deep Space Devices have been tinkering with a new boutique fuzz pedal that is now ready to take over the world. There’s certainly enough glitchy filth available here to make some very interesting noises. Prepare for an assault on your hearing!


Deep Space Devices Trigonaut

The product palette of Deep Space Devices currently amounts to a grand total of three pedals: the Red Ghost, the Golem and the new Trigonaut. All three are in the Fuzz/Overdrive vein and feature some eye-catching and intricate aesthetics.

Bite, Gnaw & Crunch

Each of the Trigonauts is based on a destructive fuzz/overdrive sound. Several parameters are used to tune the overall sound. The main unit is based around a fuzz circuit, with two additional unique modulation options of an ‘octave glitch’ and other stutter effects. You even get three-way switch labelled Bite, Gnaw & Crunch, each providing different sonic shades.

Deep Space Devices Trigonaut fuzz

Deep Space Devices Trigonaut is a filthy, glitchy beast of a fuzz pedal

Is it all just noise?

Things get special when the player operates the Consume or the Momentary footswitch. Consume activates the Octave/Glitch/Stutter effect, whilst Momentary whacks the three of them up to maximum level! There are also some options to configure, for example, whether you want to use the glitch effect or add a stutter to the signal instead.

As the product demos clearly show, this pedal can make a serious racket. It leans towards lots of noise and is definitely not for the faint of heart!

RRP – USD 215

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