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Zetaohm FLXS1 4 Channel 64 Step Sequencer

Zetaohm FLXS1 4 Channel 64 Step Sequencer  ·  Source: Zetaohm

Zetaohm FLXS1 4 Channel 64 Step Sequencer

Zetaohm FLXS1 4 Channel 64 Step Sequencer  ·  Source: Zetaohm

The FLXS1 could never be accused of having a dull front panel. This is an arrangement of shapes and colours not commonly found in Eurorack, but that makes it all the more interesting. It should be finding its way onto Kickstarter very soon, but a talk-through video has emerged to whet our appetites.


It seems to be pronounced “Fluxes 1”, which is a bit easier to say that all those letters. It’s a 4 channel, 64 step sequencer with a gate and two CV outputs per channel. There are gate inputs for pattern advancing, arpeggiator selection, glide or enabling random. There are assignable CV inputs for pitch and arpeggiator speed modulation. It has USB and MIDI in/out and a built in tuner. You can save up to 1024 sequences into the 16MB of built-in flash memory.

Most of the functionality is accessed via the little screen and parameter knob. You select the weird space alien of your choice and you can adjust note, length, glide and such like.

One interesting feature is that each step can also trigger an arpeggio. This can be like a racket effect or you can mess with the timing and octaves to generate something more musical. You can set various scales or chord types for the arpeggios to follow. You can also send out LFO’s to modulate what you’re sequencing.

The weird alien shapes don’t appear to have any impact or hidden reasons other than look a bit funky. Although the mock-up image is a bit more exciting than the real thing. It’s certainly colourful anyway. There’s a lot of scope for creative sequencing here. All sorts of depth is available through that little screen. 4 channels of 64 arpeggiating, randomising, modulating steps sounds like a whole load of fun. If you skip forward about 10 minutes in the video below it starts to get really interesting.

We’re expecting the FLXS1 to arrive on Kickstarter any time now and they have an intended price of $675. More information on the ZetaOhm website.


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