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Fender Custom Shop Fiesta Red Gary Moore Stratocaster May 20th

Gary Moore Strat May 20th? Thanks to the forum user FiestaRedStrat for the screen shot over at  路  Source:


The Fender Gary Moore Strat has been rumoured for a while, in fact I’m sure we were the first place on the web to officially talk of its existence聽. We only found out about it because a Fender dealer friend of mine let slip that it was due later this year. Now it seems that although Fender had planned a release date of May 20th both the official Fender and Gary Moore sites, both these pages now appear to have been pulled!


Luckily, an amusingly named user ‘FiestaRedStrat’ over at got a decent screen shot, and so we have some real proof that it exists. We can thank them for the initiative there. Cheers fella, we owe you a beer for your quick thinking!

And: I also have an update…

My Fender Custom Shop dealer friend has squeezed a bit more information from someone about this model; here’s a direct quote from my frien:

Just an update from Fender on the Gary Moore Strat. Not an official announcement from them yet but it appears they have leaked it on twitter and/or instagram if you can find that link somewhere. It appears as though it is a MasterBuilt only by John Cruz – 60 world maybe 6 UK – John Cruz is a big big fan of Gary Moore and 聽he sees it as a tribute from him so they should be extra special – maybe pushing 8K price wise.

So, people! If you see any more about this guitar anywhere please feel free to contact us or put any links in the comments below. Spread the word: is on a mission! Of course, if I do find out any more information then I will be sure to update you all as soon as possible. We would love to hear your thoughts and if you have any more details then please leave a comment or message us via our Facebook page or the gear news contact page.

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  1. Xiao Meng says:

    Why does it have to be a master built model 馃檨 Now I can never be able to afford it… I was hoping it would be a normal CS normal.

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