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FabFilter Retina Plug-ins Updates

All plug-ins can now cope with high resolution displays  ·  Source:

FabFilter Retina Plug-ins Updates

There's no longer a limit on sample rates that are supported  ·  Source:

FabFilter has obviously been saving this one up for a while as it’s just updated all its plug-ins with a raft of new improvements and features across the whole range. Best of all, the updates are free for existing customers and the company still offers 30-day trials of all its products. So apart from all the usual bug fixes, what’s new?

The big news is probably Retina support on Mac OS X and High DPI support for Windows across the whole stable of products. Since FabFilter’s stuff looks pretty gorgeous, you’ll want to see it in even higher quality than before. Most new Macs have Retina screens and higher resolution displays are becoming more common in the Windows world as well so this is great news, even though many developers are still playing catch-up as far as supporting these new standards is concerned.

All Audio Unit plug-ins are now sandbox-compatible meaning they will work with DAWs that require this. As of OS X 10.11, Apple has been tightening software requirements for third parties so this should head off the kinds of compatibility problems that can pop up. On both platforms, plug-ins can now operate at any sample rate with no limit. I’m still not entirely sure many people really need to be running at 384kHz and higher, but if you need to, now you can. There’s a slew of smaller changes too that can be seen at

If you own any FabFilter products it’s highly recommended to grab these updates as they are free and should make everything look that little bit more crisp and solve any niggling issues you may have had.


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