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Eventide plug-in deals

Eventide plug-in deals  ·  Source: Eventide / Gearnews

Eventide is offering big discounts on some of its most popular plug-ins until February 24. At up to 77% off, now is a good time to grab the Blackhole reverb, H3000 Factory multi-effect, H910 Harmonizer and Toni Visconti Tverb plug-ins.

Eventide Special Sale

Eventide is known for high-quality hardware and software effects. Unfortunately, this means that their plug-ins aren’t among the cheapest. If you’d like to add a few Eventide plug-ins to your collection, it’s a good idea to be on the lookout for a sale like this one.

For a limited time, Thomann.de is offering the Eventide Blackhole reverb, Tverb, H3000 Factory and H910 plug-ins at a fraction of their regular cost. For some of them, you’re paying less than a quarter of the regular price. If you need some high-quality reverb and effects for your tracks, you shouldn’t miss these deals. But hurry up: this sale ends on February 24, 2020.

Prices and deals

  • Blackhole is on sale for just £41
  • Tverb is yours for £50
  • H3000 Factory is on sale for £67
  • H910 Harmonizer is available for just £50


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