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Limited Edition Joe Bonamassa Firebird-1

Limited Edition Joe Bonamassa Firebird-1. Taken from Joe's official Facbook page  ·  Source:

A new Epiphone Joe Bonamassa Firebird signature model has been announced, a the single-pickup model based on the classic Gibson Firebird-1. This limited edition run for 2016 will be available in Tobacco Sunburst or Fire Mist finishes and also features a new Epiphone FB720 single mini-humbucker pickup.


The classic Gibson Firebird-1 guitar is popular with many players and it would appear one of those players is Mr Joe Bonamassa. Joe has a lot of signature guitar models, effects pedals and takes a lot of flak for it on guitar forums. To be fair, though, he is a self-confessed guitar nut and collector and so I can see why he has so many.

Limited Edition Joe Bonamassa Firebird-1

Limited Edition Joe Bonamassa Firebird-1

The Firebird-1 is a single pickup, nine-piece mahogany and walnut bodied instrument with the 24.75″ Gibson scale length and a neck-thru construction. The neck is also mahogany and has that very cool reverse Firebird headstock at the end with banjo tuners hidden away on the rear. The fretboard is rosewood and has simple dot fret inlays, which are stylistically accurate for this more ‘student’ model of the Firebird.

Limited Edition

These will be released as a limited edition for 2016. Because of the Joe Bonamassa signature status, I imagine they will be popular. Epiphone can make some really nice guitars and they are a lot cheaper than their USA Gibson counterparts. So I think they will probably sell out pretty quickly worldwide. The Fire Mist finish is particularly nice colour and I would happily have one myself in that colour scheme.

See the video below of Joe playing an original Gibson 1964 Firebird-1, to get an idea of how the originals sound.


  • A single ProBucker FB720 mini humbucker pickup
  • Single Volume, Single Tone control
  • Mahogany thru-neck
  • 9-Ply Mahogany/Walnut body
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • Original Kluson Firebird Banjo Tuners with 12:1 Ratio

RRP GBP £619 available in Tobacco Sunburst or Fire Mist, case sold separately. Available October 2016.

Here’s a link to the official Epiphone site



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