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 ·  Source: Gauge USA

The fledgeling microphone emulations market finally has an entry-level option – the new ECM-87 Classic & Stealth Virtual Mic Lockers by Gauge USA. Priced just USD 300, the bundles include a cardioid condenser microphone, a shock mount, and the EC-87 Mic Clone plug-in.

The initial kit offers eight mic emulations, each with a ratio slider for adjusting the mic character within each emulation. The mic models include classics like the U87, U67, u47, C12, AKG 414, and Sony C800. The plug-in is exceedingly simple – choose a mic model and adjust the slider until the desired effect is reached. No polar pattern adjustment or dual-capsule trickery.

If you want to dabble in microphone emulation without high initial spending, the ECM bundles could be your entryway of choice. At USD 300, the Virtual Mic Locker is many times cheaper than competing products from Steven Slate, Antelope Audio, and Townsend Labs. Can it match their undisputed quality, though? For this, we can’t guarantee until we’ve heard the emulations in action. What’s more, the Classic and Stealth microphones aren’t described in much detail. All we know is they are condensers and have a fixed cardioid pattern.

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