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DubSiren 2.0

DubSiren 2.0  ·  Source: Tekit-Audio

DubSiren contains a siren synthesizer giving you a fat siren sound with full control, distortion and delay.

DubSiren 2.0

It’s had a bit of a reworking with a new fresh GUI and support for macOS and 64bit. Ultimately it makes the sound of a siren that you can modulate to make it a bit more interesting.

It comes with 9 waveforms that you pump into the siren to make it move in different ways. If you can imagine sirens that flow up and down; that’s a sine wave, or on/off sirens which are using square waves and so on. You can ramp it up and drop it or let it fall, bounce or flip about the place. From as slow as 0.1Hz to as fast as 12Hz and synacble to start on every note-on event.

You can play with the phase, the swing and the smoothness of the modulation. You can crank it through some hard-clipping distortion. Then there’s the all-important dub delay section with low and high controls, PingPong and inversion. DubSiren is designed to be the same note playing all the time but it does have a pitch mode where you activate pitch tracking across a full range of keys. And if you need some variation then the Digital switch will give it a more electronic feel.

All in all, it’s a siren with which you can play your heart out.

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