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MakeProAudio Dino Park

MakeProAudio Dino Park  ·  Source: MakeProAudio

MakeProAudio Dino synths

MakeProAudio Dino synths  ·  Source: MakeProAudio

MakeProAudio Dino Park Kit

MakeProAudio Dino Park Kit  ·  Source: MakeProAudio

MakeProAudio Dino Park

MakeProAudio Dino Park  ·  Source: MakeProAudio

We first saw the strangely named Dino Park box back in April. It’s taken the synth modelling technology from CreamWare’s Pulsar platform from many years ago and put it in an oddly unexciting looking box. Hidden within is a very exciting synth engine and some legendary sounds.

Dino Park

Honestly, what is with that name? Dino Park is part of the growing MakeProAudio modular kit and can be easily modified. It comes as a simple kit that needs nothing more than a screwdriver to put together…. which makes you wonder why they don’t just put it together for you.

Each Dino Park comes with 3 classic synths preinstalled. They are the Minimax (MiniMoog), Pro12 (Prophet) and Prodyssey (Odyssey). You can store up to 32 synths in the one box and more will be along soon. You can run it standalone or with a computer and there’s a free VSTi Editor to give you a front end. Edit them on your computer, create the patches and then take your Dino Park out for a walk and you can access the patches from the front panel.

On the back you get audio output, USB MIDI and a USB host socket for direct connection to a MIDI controller. The EX and EXL versions also get regular MIDI ports, S/PDIF and audio inputs.

The size and shape all fits in with the MakeProAudio modular system which includes knobs and slider type controllers that start working together like some sort of hybrid system.

This is all interesting stuff that would benefit from a really deep review and some video demonstrations. They had a keyboard rig at the Musikmesse earlier in the year that looked like it was made of Lego with Lego dinosaurs on it and wasn’t remotely helpful in getting their message across.

And now there’s this video which has more information but has terrible background music, the voice is out of sync with the demonstrator and it’s a bit lacking in character.

But we’re getting there. Hopefully, now it’s available it will land in the hands of a more engaging reviewer.


There’s also a Eurorack version which looks very interesting but this is not available until at least November.

MakeProAudio Dino Park Eurorack

MakeProAudio Dino Park Eurorack

Here’s a video on it from Superbooth – I didn’t even know they were there.

Dino Park Prices

  • Dino Park Board (DSP board with many connectivity options) – 279 EUR
  • Dino Park Maker Board Bundle (DSP board with many connectivity options, connectors, dino display) – 299 EUR
  • Dino Park MakeKit (DSP board with many connection options , connections, housing, power supply) – 399 EUR
  • Dino Park MakeKit EX (DSP board with many connectivity options , connectors, housing, expansion board with MIDI, SPDIF, analogue inputs), power supply – 469 EUR
  • Dino Park MakeKit EX L (DSP board with many connectivity options , ports, larger case (space for two DSP boards with many connectivity options), expansion board with MIDI, SPDIF, analog inputs), power supply – 519 EUR

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