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Devil & Sons End Of The Road Stratocaster built UK

Devil & Sons 'subtle' relic  ·  Source:

UK-based Devil & Sons are taking the idea of relic guitars to the extreme, producing instruments that look like they have been to hell and back. The guitars look like they have been completely smashed, burned and beaten almost to death. However, they all play normally and sound just like you would expect from an electric guitar.

I first saw these back in January of this year and shared them with a few online guitar forum friends and now the company are starting to garner some real interest, it would seem. For some, this will be the ultimate in relic guitars, and you could always pull one out at a gig and see how the audience reacts. Pulling out a beaten-to-death Stratocaster that has been attacked with a blow torch is always a great way to get the audience hyped, surely?

Either way, they will divide opinion, I am sure.

RRP GBP £750


Devil & Sons:  Company site


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