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Despatch  ·  Source: Cong Burn

Despatch from Cong Burn is a nicely designed and visually arresting modulation device for Ableton Live that can create gorgeous modulation shapes and route them to any device or hardware.


Build yourself a spiral of modulations with 3 built-in modulators running through a 4 x 4 matrix of knobs and possibilities. You can choose from Ring, Slope and Pulse generators with useful parameters to dictate how they find themselves. Then use the 4 x 4 matrix to mix these modulators together and route them to any Live parameter.

You can also route in external modulation sources and route out via some appropriate hardware to your external modular setup. You can also generate MIDI notes for a more generative approach to sequencing.

There are tools for smoothing and offsetting CV signals to craft exactly what you’re after, how much and whereabouts. An XY pad lets you morph and interpolate between 4 different snapshots. Behind the scenes you can open up 16 additional destinations with a unique submix of modulation.

Despatch can get its modulations into all sorts of places within your project and makes for a neat place to play. I love the calm and clarity of the interface and that visualisation at the bottom is completely fabulous. It takes a completely sideways look at how you are developing your project within Ableton Live and offers up all sorts of things across all your tracks that you probably wouldn’t have considered.

Despatch works with Max for Live in Ableton Live 10 or 11 and will cost you £20.

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  1. Ralph says:

    Thanks for this. Looks really great.
    Correction maybe? I believe this should be “Dispatch” with an i not an e –

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