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If you’ve been thinking about picking up some pro-quality IEMs, then now’s the time to act! Sennheiser has slashed prices on its IE 400 and IE 500 Pro IEMs. Act fast though because this deal has only days to run!


Sennheiser IEM Deal!

In this industry, few names carry as much heritage or punch as Sennheiser; It, therefore, makes sense to jump on a good Sennheiser deal when one comes up!

With the hint that live shows might be returning, you might be thinking about investing in a set of IEM for yourself. If that’s the case, you could do much, much worse than the Sennheiser IE 400 & IE 500 Pro IEMs

For the next few days, until the end of July, Sennheiser is offering huge discounts on the IE400 & IE500 Pro IEM monitors. If you’re looking to upgrade your IEMs, or maybe trying In Ear Monitors for the first time, then here’s your opportunity!

IE 500 Pro

The IE500 Pro is a single driver IEM system; there are various trains of thought as to whether multiple or single driver systems are “better”. Sennheiser believes that their wide-range single driver design offers you greatly reduced distortion.

We covered some background on the IE500 when we looked at the Fischer FA500 IEMs recently. That the IE500 is used as the basis for a very high-end, custom IEM solution speaks volumes on the fundamental qualities of the IE 500 Pro IEMs.


IE 400 Pro

If you like the idea of the IE 500 Pro IEMs but the price is a bit of a barrier to entry, then you should check out the IE 400 Pro instead. Offering many of the same advantages (low distortion, wide frequency range) with a slight trade-off in overall bandwidth.

These are undoubtedly great “bang for buck” IEMs at the best of times, but with the current Sennheiser deal they offer superb value!

More information on Sennheiser IE 500 and IE 500

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