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D16 Group Nepheton 2 is more versatile than ever

D16 Group Nepheton 2 is more versatile than ever  ·  Source: D16 Group

Nepheton 2 Channel Strips

Nepheton 2 Channel Strips  ·  Source: D16 Group

Nepheton 2 Multiband Compressor and Limiter

Multiband Compressor and Limiter  ·  Source: D16 Group

Nepheton 2 MIDI Mapping and Trigger Outputs

MIDI Mapping and Trigger Outputs  ·  Source: D16 Group


With the newly launched D16 Group Nepheton 2, the 808 drum machine plug-in gives you move sound shaping control with some creative improvements to the sequencer too.


The Polish software developer, D16 Group, has taken the Nepheton’s design and made it easier to navigate with some exciting new effects and processing features.

D16 Group Nepheton 2

Because a TR-808 plug-in can quickly become a novelty or a one-trick pony, Nepheton 2 has upped its game with a redesigned interface and new features that make it far more of a creative tool than just a drum machine.

For a more fluid workflow, each of the 17 drum voices is now slotted into six categories: Kick, Snare/Hand Clap, Conga, Toms, Cymbals, and Percussive.

Besides the basic tuning and tone controls, you now have individual channel strips for each sound with compression and EQ to shape and tone your drum hits to create your own customized sounds.

Nepheton 2 Channel Strips

Nepheton 2 Channel Strips · Source: D16 Group

What’s more, there are two 5-slot effects busses with a range of effects including chorus, delay, reverb, and bitcrusher. Moreover, you can reconfigure the effects chain and reorder the effects as you prefer.


The master section also features some upgrades, with a multiband compressor and limiter with a soft clip feature. This ensures that your drum patterns will always have the punch to stand out in the mix.

Meanwhile, the sequencer now has presets and some new features like Flam and Substep articulations, as well as Tap and Randomizer functions. In addition, you can drag and drop MIDI patterns from the sequencer straight into your DAW.

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Pricing and availability:

Nepheton 2 is now available from Thomann for an introductory price of $63. All current Nepheton license holders can access the upgrade offer via their D16 Group accounts.

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D16 Group Nepheton 2

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D16 Group Nepheton 2 is more versatile than ever

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