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Crosspatch Triggerpad

Crosspatch Triggerpad  ·  Source: SonicState


Triggerpad is a trigger sequencer that uses an 8×8 MIDI controller to display and edit the patterns. Plug a Launchpad or APC straight in, and off you go.



It’s an interesting idea to use a Launchpad that you might already have knocking around to manage the trigger sequencing in your Eurorack. Rather than having to do some clever routing through a DAW you just plug straight in, and Triggerpad does the rest.

With your Launchpad connected, the 8 channels of the Triggerpad are accessed via the 8 buttons along the top of the controller. Once selected, you have an 8×8 grid onto which to paint your pattern. The 8 trigger outputs on the Triggerpad are dynamic. This means you can change the velocity of the trigger, which will be understood by drum modules that support that. That’s news to me, but learning something new is always good.

Other features include getting stuck into gate lengths, saving patterns, chaining patterns into songs, shuffling and giving each channel a different pattern length. You can also retrigger or ratchet notes up to audio rate, making it possible to generate notes out of kick drums. You can also record steps via live performance, which is excellent.


It’s a great idea, and we’ve all probably got a Launchpad of some sort gathering dust on a shelf somewhere. Although I think mine is the original, and this appears to be compatible with the Mk2 and above. However, this is a brilliant way to reuse it if you have the right one. The only thing I’d like to see is the ability to select stored patterns on the Triggerpad itself or via a CV input. That way you wouldn’t have to have the Launchpad connected all the time.

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